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Patricia Toward                     

Therapeutic Counsellor, Registered Member MBACP
Autogenic Therapist, Member British Autogenic Society

London WC1
Tel: 07961 378620  //

As an Integrative Counsellor I am able to draw on different aspects of therapeutic models to suit an individual, and to help you bring about beneficial change in your life.
I work ethically, empathically and without judgement in a safe and confidential environment, where you have time to consider and explore the circumstances relating to your personal concerns.  This might include: relationships; loss; anxiety; depression; stress; substance misuse; addiction recovery.

Autogenic Therapy (AT)

AT is mindfulness-based self help for mind and body. bringing about relaxation and self healing.
The fight/flight stress response is switched off and the relaxation response is activated.
Natural homeostasis and auto-regulation through the autonomous nervous system becomes possible, with all
its inherent self-repair effects, including:
  • Physiological and emotional states return to a normal balance
  • Relief from stress and stress-related illness
  • Chronic pain management
  • Improved emotional regulation
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved sleep and improved immune system
  • Improved performance and increased ability to cope

To learn more about AT see the British Autogenic Society website: 

Autogenic Meditation

Autogenic Meditation is suitable to those who have learned and regularly practised the Autogenic Therapy standard exercises for at least 6 months.  Whilst Autogenic Therapy is mainly concerned with the  physiological functions of the body and its systems, Autogenic Meditation addresses the mind/psyche.  If you have  reached a point where can switch readily into the Autogenic State, you can progress to Autogenic Meditation, enabling further personal development.

Courses can be taken individually or in small groups, and consist of eight monthly sessions.  A new Autogenic Meditative Exercise is introduced at each session. 

See the British Autogenic Society website for further information about  Autogenic Meditation:

Creativity Mobilisation Technique (Mess Painting)

Creativity Mobilisation Technique (CMT) involves making a series of no-thought “mess paintings”.  It is concerned with the process not the product. Everyone, from artists to those with no experience of painting, can benefit from CMT. You give up striving for outcome, focus on the process, allowing mental and emotional blockages to be diffused and creativity to be accessed.

Benefits include:

    Greater physical harmony
    Greater psychological harmony
    Creative powers being freed up
    Repressed thoughts, memories and emotions being allowed to surface spontaneously and worked through safely. 
The CMT course can be undertaken individually or in a small group, and it consists of 6 sessions spread over seven weeks:

For more information about CMT, see the British Autogenic Society website:

Contact me by email or call 07961 378620 to learn more and arrange an appointment